Finding common ground with sales

The secret lies in the data

Sales and marketing alignment.

A tales as old as time.

We all struggle with it, even the best. But over the last six or so months I’ve had an epiphany: use the data sales loves as part of our ABM strategy.

If you don’t know by now, sales can be very particular about the data they rely on for outbound. If it works once, they use. If marketing comes in and introduces new data and it doesn’t work one time, goodnight.

That’s just the way it is.

This is to say, find common ground with sales by understanding the data they do trust for outbound. And leverage it as a key part of your strategy.

Here’s a real life example.

Our sales team loves Champify. It’s a tool that tracks when users of your product start a new job. And as I was curating my strategy for Q4 I made it a point to leverage this data as part of the account prioritization process. In meetings with sales, I made sure to highlight how this data was used.

Is it the only piece of data that I used? No. But as long as sales knows it’s part of the process that’s all that matters. It’s the data they trust, and they’ll be more bought and willing to prioritize the accounts.

So as you’re thinking about your own strategy, try to identify a piece of data your sales team trust and make it a focus of your account prioritization process.

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